Seaquest Marine Technology is committed to a new eco-emotional type model of tourism on water. We believe in a cleaner world, where the latest technological boundaries and the most futuristic ideas of enlightened designers can create something unique to help us experience and admire the sea in a new and surprising way. We believe in the power of sustainable energy from photovoltaic to hydrogen to create clean energy and a commitment to use only recycled and recyclable materials in order to realise our dreams which become tangible thanks to the unmistakable style of famous designers. From this vision comes the project Amphibious 1000, the first semi-submersed hotel with floating suites with underwater views to sleep alongside the beauty of the seabed. The first marine park, where access is only permitted to special electric vehicles recharged by the sun or hydrogen and where everything is built with recycled or recyclable materials. The architectural structures draw energy from the sun and are designed in an eco-sustainable manner in order to reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution. A fascinating yet different and feasible future, join us.