Seaquest Marine Technology is an international organization which operates as a management service in the innovative marine construction sector. We create unique extra-luxury floating and semi-submerged architectures, to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated and demanding hospitality industry. We promote futuristic projects to experience the future in an environmentally friendly way together with style, elegance and exclusivity.   Seaquest Marine Technology is a new company formed by major partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers and companies in the shipbuilding industry and some of the most innovative architectural and engineering studies in the world. We follow all phases of development, from the initial concept through to delivery of the project. We also take care of the brand identity of the new hospitality structure in particular the managerial, image and communication aspects. We believe in a new way to develop attractive and economically successful projects, which gives top priority to the livability and environmental sustainability to create wonderful architectures, technologically advanced but originating from environmentally friendly choices and from the use of sustainable energy sources. Seaquest Marine Technology welcomes you to experience its way of eco-emotional tourism.